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Start A ring Collection that grows with you

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Get our gorgeous rings for a friction of the price

Let’s admit it – gemstones rings can be super-expensive and are not affordable for anyone. That’s why we decided to launch the ring of the month – to give the option for our customers to enjoy our beautiful healing crystals rings without breaking their banks on a monthly basis.

By subscribing to our ring of the month box you imminently get access to our top rings (which regularly cost between $60 – $100) For as low as $39.99 / month!

The savings are huge and you won’t be able to find a better price, making it one of the best deals you can sign up to. Join today and start saving hundreds of dollars each year!

Get our gorgeous rings for a friction of the price

100% Natural

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100% Natural


Meagan R.
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I recently got into crystals. I decided to try out the crystal of the month ring and...oh my gosh! I love it. The crystal ring I've gotten so far have been perfect for me, thank you atperrys!
Antonella F.
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I absolutely love it. I get so excited every month when my box arrives and I get to add a new piece to my collection. The amethyst ring is my favorite so far. I use it every day.
Elizabeth M.
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I'm really glad I subscribed! This was my gift to myself after a really hard year. Every month, my box arrives and it's like Christmas morning, lol. I love love LOVE it. I have a cute little crystal ring collection going on my desk.
Susan H.
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My sister and I have been talking about crystals for years, but she didn't have many of her own. I got her this subscription for her birthday and she can't stop talking about it. I'm honestly thinking about getting this for myself...
Nancy R.
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I knew nothing about crystals when I subscribed, so I wasn't sure how I would feel about it when my best friend told me I should give it a try. So far, I totally love it. Each box feels really luxurious and the crystal rings are beautiful. Can't wait for my next box!
Dayna M.
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These boxes are beautiful, I can't recommend them enough. I have gotten so many compliments on my favourite crystal ring! Great value.

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Orange Fire Opal Garnet Silver Ring

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our order tracking page to find where is your order, and when it will arrive. If you feel that you are waiting too long for your order, simply contact us.

We ship to the following countries: 
United States – mainland (Except remote areas, islands such as Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Military address like APO, FPO, DPO,…)
United Kingdom
South Africa

You can expect to receive your first box within 7-15 business days after you completed your purchase. 

You can always reach out to us and we will make sure to solve and problem quickly and efficiently.

Simply contact us: 

Each month you will get one crystal ring which will change from month to month. The rings are lab created and are the closet form a genuine crystal 
(Feels just the same for friction of the price)

Yes! It is. We have made a genuine effort to make sure each box will arrive it’s destination safely, without any damages. 

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